Ongava Tented Camp
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In the heart of the mopane bush, a canvas for your wildest dreams

Lodge overview

Adventure is second nature at Ongava Tented Camp. Here, the spirit of a traditional sojourn in the wild is redefined in comfort and style, as you settle into the welcome of your spacious walk-in tent.

Our A-frame Meru tents, inspired by the shape of Mount Meru, the “mountain of shining light” in Tanzania, are equipped with modern conveniences to make you feel at home, even when you’re just a heartbeat away from the wonders of nature.

Classic Meru-style tents
Dining area overlooking waterhole
Evening campfire viewing deck
Pool overlooking waterhole
Close proximity to wildlife
Shared game drive vehicle
Walking guides
Afrikaans & English
Check in 14:00
Check out 10:00

A place of wild contentment

Every stay in the bush has its own touch of magic, but there’s something extra special about a stay in a tented camp.

You’ll feel like an explorer, immersed in the landscape, with your senses finely attuned to the rhythms of the wild.

A waterbuck ambling right by your tent; a little rock hyrax darting across your path; an elephant dipping its trunk into a waterhole, just a heartbeat away from where you’re sitting.

At Ongava Tented Camp, you’re in nature’s domain, enjoying a special touch of luxury to add to that touch of magic.


Our fully equipped Meru-style tents blend luxury and comfort with the authentic ambience of an African safari.

At the heart of Ongava Tented Camp is our thatched dining area, where you can wine, dine, and relax as you watch the passing parade of wildlife, including eland, waterbuck, rhino, elephant, and even the occasional lion.


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Little Ongava

A whisper of seclusion at its most seductive

Ongava Lodge

A breathtaking panorama that invites introspection

Anderssons at Ongava

A touch of Mediterranean flair in the heart of the bushveld