Life on the wing

Look to the infinite skies above Ongava, and you’ll soon see why we’ve earned a reputation as a birdwatcher’s paradise. Trace the trail of an African Harrier-Hawk, circling and swooping in search of prey.

Catch the glint of sunlight on the feathers of a Lilac-breasted roller, flitting from branch to branch. Watch a flock of Rosy-faced lovebirds fidgeting in excited chatter. Thrill to the cry of an African Fish-Eagle, perched in solitude on the water’s edge.

We’ve identified more than 350 avian species at Ongava, from the smallest of sparrows to the flightless ostrich, at home among the herds of the savannah. In a flurry of sight and sound, on the ground and on the wing, the birdlife of Ongava will set your senses soaring.

A serenade of birdsong

Between the rousing “kwê” of the grey loeries that greet the dawn, and the “hoo-hooooee” call of a Spotted Eagle-Owl in the thick of night, every day at Ongava comes to life in a soundtrack of birdsong.

Join a guided birding expedition into the bush, and you’ll learn the secrets and rituals of our avian colonies, understanding anew the vital role they play in Ongava’s natural ecosystem.

Bring a good pair of binoculars, perhaps a long-lensed camera, maybe a birdwatching app on your smartphone. But all you really need to hone your eyes and ears to the birdlife all around you, is a working sense of wonder.

The bush abounds to the sounds of birds in solitude or congregation, lending their calls to the eternal rhythms that set the pace of nature.