An approach on foot, in the great wild open, is the ultimate game-viewing experience

You step from the safari vehicle and tread lightly on the ground. You lower your voice to a whisper as your guide points to the mighty elephant, wrapping its trunk around a branch in the distance. You feel your pulse-beat quicken.

In the stillness of the bush, in the golden hour before sunset, you’re suddenly conscious of every footfall, every breath you take. Your guide beckons you to follow in his trail and to listen closely to his every instruction.

You put all your trust in him, knowing that this is his domain, that the bush is as close to him as his heart and his home. That he will care for your safety, as much as he cares for and respects every creature in the wild.

The elephant pauses, raising its trunk. Your guide holds up his hand. You stop. All you hear, for a moment, is the song of a bird, the rustle of something scurrying in the long grass.

The bush is alive, and you, too, are a part of it, in the ultimate wildlife experience. An approach, on foot, in the great wild open of Ongava Private Game Reserve.

Feel the awe of coming eye-to-eye with nature

There is something mystical, something soul-stirring, about the sensation of approaching a giant of the African bush — an elephant or a rhino — in their own natural habitat.

No longer are you a spectator in a vehicle, watching through binoculars or the long lens of your camera. Now, on foot, you are roaming in this creature’s space, connected to its senses, its movements, its very way of life.

With your guide ensuring your safety, reading the intricate language of the bush and the subtle signals of its creatures, you will feel as if a barrier between species has been broken.

And in your new understanding, you will realise just how important is for us to tread lightly on this planet, and to play our part in making sure that the wildlife of Africa are free to roam, here, where they belong.

On a guided walk with an experienced ranger, the bush comes to life as you learn its secrets and stories, with the chance of an approach that will bring you closer than ever to the wonders of the wild.