See the wild up close

Early in the morning or just before dusk, a game drive in a safari vehicle, with an experienced guide at the helm, will be a highlight of your stay in the bush. As a private game reserve, Ongava offers a vast area to explore, and ample opportunity to encounter a wide diversity of wildlife up close.

No two game drives are ever the same, so you can expect the unexpected as your guide steers the way from savannah to woodland to the fringes of a waterhole.

Perhaps you’ll see an elephant matriarch leading her young through the bush. Perhaps a pride of lion, resting in the shade before the hunt begins. Perhaps a family of rhino, a herd of springbok, a lone jackal slinking across the scrubland. Only one thing, on a game drive in Ongava, is for sure. You’ll never forget the experience.

Explore the history and culture of the land

Our exhilarating safaris offer an opportunity to witness the splendour of Africa's iconic wildlife and immerse yourself in the captivating sights and sounds of nature. Along the way, you’ll learn about the culture and history of the region, as well as the importance of conservation.

By the end of your safari, you’ll have a new-found appreciation for the beauty and majesty of the African wilderness, and a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting its fragile ecosystems.

For an even more exclusive adventure, subject to availability, a private vehicle can be arranged at additional cost, promising an intimate and personalised encounter with the wild.

Every game drive is an opportunity to sharpen your senses and learn more about the amazing natural ecosystems of the wild.