A nocturnal symphony of sight and sound

Night falls swiftly in the African bushveld. Sunset paints the sky in shades of flame, and the hills and trees fade into silhouette. And then, darkness. But the bush, after dark, is alive.

Set off on a night drive in the company of an experienced guide. Thrill to the stirring of shadows in the bush, the glow of watching eyes, the ghostly grey hulk of a rhino, the sudden rustle of wings as an owl takes flight from a branch.

Experience a nocturnal symphony of sight and sound, showcasing the magic of the wild in a whole new light.

Set off on an adventure of the senses, by the light of the moon and stars

Exploring the bush at night, in an open-sided game-viewing vehicle, puts you in touch with the tempo of the seasons.

In summer, you’ll relish the rush of cool air at the end of a searing day. In winter, you’ll wrap yourself in a blanket or poncho to ward off the chill.

But the real atmosphere of a night safari lies in the chance encounters that await you at every turn.

Your guide might stop to point out the sparkling eyes of a bush baby in the branches of a tree.

You might catch the trail of a predator hunt in progress. You might see a silver-backed jackal slinking by the light of the moon.

Whatever you see and hear along the way, a night drive at Ongava Private Game Reserve is an experience to be remembered and cherished, for life.

In the sweep of a handheld searchlight, the bush springs to life in moments of magic that stir the soul.