Wildlife at Ongava

Ongava Game Reserve stands as a haven for a rich tapestry of wildlife, where the natural rhythms of predator and prey unfold against the backdrop of Namibia's captivating landscapes. This pristine wilderness is a sanctuary for both iconic and elusive species, offering a unique opportunity to witness the intricate dance of life in its purest form. As you embark on game drives and guided walks, you'll have the chance to encounter a diverse array of animals, each playing a crucial role in the delicate balance of this remarkable ecosystem.

The reserve's proximity to Etosha National Park means that a seamless flow of wildlife activity traverses its boundaries. Black and white rhino thrive alongside lion prides, elephant herds, cheetah, and leopard.

Animal magic

In the presence of the wild, where animals are free to roam in their natural habitat, we rediscover an ancient truth that bonds us to this planet. That we are a part of this ecosystem too.

Just over three decades ago, we began the process of rehabilitating unproductive farmland on the boundary of Etosha National Park, to create a new sanctuary for African wildlife, beginning with endangered black and white rhino.

Since then, Ongava Private Game Reserve has become one of the continent’s greatest conservation success stories. Here, more than 300 species of mammals are at home in the mopane woodlands and savannah, restoring the rhythms of nature to a once-barren realm.

From the mighty elephant and rhino to the great predatory cats, from the springhare and hyrax to teeming herds of antelope, Ongava is alive with the beauty and majesty of the wild.

Venture into this wonderland and experience it for yourself. When the land is restored to nature, it revitalises the human spirit too.