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The most beautiful wilderness on earth

Namibia is a unique and beautiful country, offering a range of exciting experiences for visitors. From its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes to its diverse wildlife and beautiful coastline, Namibia is a land of adventure and discovery. With its vast open spaces, wide-open skies, and rich cultural heritage, Namibia is a place like no other.

Here, visitors can explore the vibrant cities, the stunning deserts, and the incredible wildlife that make this country so special. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway, a thrilling adventure, or a chance to experience something truly unique, Namibia is the perfect destination for your next vacation.


Immersing oneself in Namibian cultures is a captivating journey into a tapestry of traditions, where the rhythmic beats of the Himba drum circles resonate alongside the profound wisdom of San Bushman practices. Engaging with these vibrant communities offers a unique opportunity to witness the enduring spirit and rich cultural heritage that define Namibia.

Ongava Game Reserve occupies a vast terrain of 30,000 hectares — 74,000 acres — just south of Etosha National Park. In the Ndonga tongue, the evocative word means “a woman who bore a child each year”, a legend that alludes to the gift of seasonal rainfall in a traditionally dry landscape. Visit Ongava, and you’ll soon find that it occupies a space in your heart too.

Etosha was first proclaimed in 1907. The park originally stretched all the way to the Skeleton Coast and, up to 1967, was the world's largest park. In 1967, the park's size was slashed from nearly 10 million hectares to its current size of 2.7 million hectares (about the size of Switzerland).

Etosha is home to 114 species of mammal, 340 bird species, 110 different reptiles, 16 species of amphibian and just one fish species. The park is named after the massive pan that covers 5,000 spuare kilometers. Guests staying at Ongava can experience game drives through Etosha National Park with their guides during their stay.

Spaces of the heart

Inspired by the shapes, shades, and textures of the African savannah, Ongava’s distinctively designed lodges are habitats of the heart and soul.

Each lodge, each room, is furnished and styled with individual flair, bringing the captivating spirit of the bush into your own private space.

But humans are social creatures too, and the open areas of our lodges, overlooking prime game-watching spots, are ideal for dining and unwinding in the very best of company.

Ongava Tented Camp

Recapture the roots of adventure in comfort and style

9 RoomsFrom N$ 15,300 / person / night FI in high season
Classic Meru-style tents
Dining area overlooking waterhole
Close proximity to wildlife
Evening campfire viewing deck
Pool overlooking waterhole

Anderssons at Ongava

A touch of Mediterranean flair in the heart of the bushveld

9 RoomsFrom N$ 20,300 / person / night FI in high season
Natural stone suites
Live waterhole feed in room
Viewing & photography hide
Infinity edge pool
180 Degree viewing deck