A journey of learning and enlightenment

Curiosity is a primal human instinct. From childhood, we’re compelled to ask the Big Questions: Why? How come? What if? What happened next? As adults, an active and engaged sense of wonder is the key to finding out more about the world around us, on a journey of learning and enlightenment that never ends.

That’s why one of the most popular activities at Ongava Private Game Reserve is a wander around the wonderland of the discovery centre at Anderssons at Ongava.

It’s a beautifully designed circle of knowledge that will broaden your understanding of the bush and introduce you to the groundbreaking research being undertaken by the team of scientists and researchers at the adjoining Ongava Research Centre.

Meander through a world of discovery

With dozens of in-depth displays that feature information on the geology, animals, plants and ecosystem of Ongava and Namibia in general, a self-guided meander around our discovery centre will open your eyes and mind anew to the wonders of the African bush. At the same time, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the role our species can and must play in conserving these wonders for the benefit of future generations.

With an atmosphere of discovery and wonder, our Discovery Centre invites you to deepen your knowledge of the natural world, while fostering a sense of responsibility for its protection.